Photos Through the Years

Bunkertown Brethren Church, 1968. First row, Don Bashore, Harold Douty, Carl Shelly, David Kelly, Lloyd R. Brubaker, Dick Graybill, John Ferster. Second row, Wayne Goodling, Kenneth Ferster, Tim Carvell, David Shellenberger, Kenneth Gearhart, Larry Sellers, Garry Sellers. Third row, Forrest Gordon, Clair Carvell, Clair Ferster, Bob Diffenderfer, Elwood Lauver, Kenneth Bossler, and Glenn Ferster.
Bunkertown Brethren Church, September 1984. First row, Elaine Van Horn, Howdy Lukens, Ted Burchfield, Roy Strawser, Merrill Benner, Ray Carvell. Second row, Forrest Gordon, Wayne Goodling, Jack Van Horn, Dennis Sassaman, Larry Sellers, Dean Yeater, Lloyd R. Brubaker, Don Bashore. Back row, Bob Diffenderfer, Clair Ferster, Newt Hokenbrough, George King, Gene Fuhrman, Don Hower.

Bunkertown Brethren Church, June 1991. Front, Elaine Van Horn. First row, Don Bashore, R. Ed Weaver, Bob Diffenderfer, Wayne Goodling, Roy Smith, Merrill Benner, Britt Stimeling, Dick Landis, Gene Fuhrman, Ron Helwig, Ted Burchfield. Second row, Rick Becker, Dean Yeater. Third row, Howdy Lukens, Lloyd R. Brubaker, Les Landis, Newt Hokenbrough, Dennis Sassaman, Ray Carvell. Back row, Forrest Gordon, Larry Sellers, Bill Landis, Jim Landis, Jack Van Horn, Clair Ferster, Don Hower.
Bunkertown Brethren Church, 2000 (taken for album artwork) First row, Thelma Fogleman, Elaine Van Horn. Second row, Mike Foltz, R. Ed Weaver, Dennis Sassaman, Clair Ferster, Ron Helwig, Roy Smith, Bob Diffenderfer, Dean Yeater. Third row, Larry Sellers, Garry Sellers. Fourth row, Donald Hower, Bob Bender. Fifth row, Fred Longenecker, Newt Hokenbrough, Bill Landis, Gene Fuhrman, Jim Landis, LeRoy Baney. Back row, Dick Landis, Forrest Gordon, Wayne Goodling, Don Bashore, Lyle Karpenko.
Last time singing in the old Bunkertown Church building, 2002
After a concert at Good News Lutheran Brethren Church, 2015. Seated, in front, Thelma Fogleman. Standing, row one, left to right, pianist Elaine Van Horn, Jack Van Horn, Larry Sellers, Garry Sellers, Dennis Sassaman, row two, Bill Landis, Roy Smith, A. Lloyd Brubaker, Bob Diffenderfer, Michael Edwards, Bob Meyer, Ted Burchfield, Don Diffenderfer, Wayne Goodling, Dennis Meiser, Gabriel Edwards, Dan Smith.
Wayne Goodling and Thelma Fogleman
February 27, 2016, North Ridge. The Bunkertown Men’s Chorus regularly provides worship services at North Ridge Center, McAlisterville. On this night, Thelma Fogleman and Wayne Goodling, both aged 94, were chatting after we sang. Thelma began accompanying the chorus on piano in 1934. Wayne began singing in 1947. Each of these individuals contributed greatly to the Chorus.
Steal Away to Jesus.  Bunkertown Men's Chorus, 2000
Cassette jacket from 2000 recording